Wednesday, February 20, 2013

Talking Bout My Generation

Hello, gentle readers and the blogoverse, I haven't completely fallen off of the map, though I was in danger of it for a while. Between work and a mild case of depression, the only fashion I had been sporting was of the military and pajama variety. Not exactly blog worthy. I did make a resolution to be better at this blog, and for that I am finally posting!

I had the opportunity this past weekend to go home and see The Who in concert with my parents, brother Jed, and sister (In law) Christina. It unfortunately ended up coinciding with the death and funeral of my great Uncle Bud, whom I was very close to and loved dearly. I never called him anything than Uncle Bud, and was closer to him and my cousins Barb and Brenda than I have ever been with Dad's brothers and sister, my only first generation Uncles and Aunt. It really got me thinking about the importance of family and all the generations thereof. I was grateful to be able to attend the funeral and spend time with my immediate and extended family that I so rarely get to see. It has given me a new resolution, not for just this year but every year, to spend more time, over the phone email and in person with my extended family. They have so many tales to tell, tales that fewer and fewer know with each passing year. I vow to listen to their stories and write down what I can, and to always cherish them, with all of their zaniness and eccentricities included. But so as not to make this post a complete sob fest, I did go to the Who concert and am pleased to say Roger Daltrey still has the voice (and the body) of a much younger rocker. He is definitely on my island! Pete Townsend still has the windmill arms going and Zak Starkey looks, and plays the drums like his dad.

Me with my Dad, brother and sister in-law, giving my mother my best, "another picture really?" look.
T-shirt, Stark house loving, Game of Thrones, from Fab.

My Mom called this "The Three Kittens." We were looking at University of Louisville Championship banners.

Before the concert, with my new favorite coat, from a recent 70% sale from Modcloth.

To my Uncle Bud, life long farmer, World War II Vet, and avid Indiana Hoosiers fan. Sleep well, we've got the watch and taken the plow.


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