Meet the Chic Geeks

Leather Peacock on the left and Southern Helle on the right. No, those are not our real names.

Leather Peacock and Southern Helle have been friends since their college days at Purdue University. Leather Peacock used to be the quiet one while Southern Helle was the party girl. They bonded over a mutual love of the X-Files. The friendship was solidified a few months later when they threw themselves out of a perfectly good airplane. Life over the last decade plus has led Leather Peacock to find her voice... and she hasn't stopped talking since. Southern Helle is a little less likely to start a bar fight these days.

Leather Peacock serves in the US Navy and can currently be found floating around the Hampton Roads area.  She uses any opportunity out of uniform to try out the latest classic and mod fashions. Leather Peacock has notebooks full of ideas for outfits, interior decorating and her latest art project... if only she could find the time off of deployment and money to make them so.  Outside of uniform, she is rarely seen without a pair of heels and a black leather jacket. Rumor has it that she is secretly building her own TARDIS.

In Leather Peacock's words:

Describe your style:  Classic mod meets rock-n-roller.  I love pairing even the most basic outfit with an edgy or unexpected accent or pop of color. I feel more comfortable as the most overdressed person in the room rather going casual to fit with the crowd or occasion.

Describe your blog mate's style: Preppy bohemian with a dash or two of surfer girl.

Both of our styles have matured over the years to reflect our own maturity and the different roads we have traveled.   It's been a fascinating and fun ride to see where our styles meet (owning the same shirts, pillows, etc though we live on different coasts or even countries!) and diverge.

I never leave the house without: A leather jacket, boots/heels, Chapstick and a good book.

If I were a signature drink what would I be: Irish car bomb.  A thick, tasty beer with a shot of good whiskey to zap your brain and some sweet Bailey's that always right there.

Southern Helle aspires to become that crazy old Southern woman who pairs fur coats and big hats with overalls and grows tomatoes in her garden. She pays the bills by working in modeling and simulations for the US Marine Corps. With a work environment swimming in testosterone and a husband who spends 90% of his time swathed in camouflage (he is a US Marine and avid hunter), Southern Helle eagerly finds solace in girly endeavors such as shopping, fashion, wine tasting, entertaining, BBC period pieces, cooking and home decorating. She was born on the cusp of Leo and Virgo which just means she gets to pick whichever horoscope sounds best for the day and can't make up her mind if she wants to be a blonde or redhead.

In Southern Helle's words:

Describe your style: Classic and preppy with occasional leanings towards boho and retro. I have never met a print I didn't like, especially plaids and paisleys. I think Coco Chanel was wrong; I usually ADD another accessory before leaving the house.

Describe your blog mate's style: She is definitely edgier and more polished than I am. Even in college, she wore heels and dress slacks to class while I was in sweats and could barely run a brush through my hair. She always incorporates a "Wow!" piece in to every outfit.

I never leave the house without: a large purse, nose stud/ring and aviator sunglasses.

If I were a signature drink, what would I be: Fried green tomato Bloody Mary with an extra shot of Tabasco (yes, such a thing really does exist and it is divine!) because it is a classic with a fun, Southern spin and a little extra spice.