Thursday, November 8, 2012

Decorating Style Part Duex; I Have A New Favorite Online Store!

My current abode is humble, but that never stops me from constantly updating my style or planning for when I have a larger place. As part of my continuing bedroom forest-ish redecorating I found a new favorite store: The Evolution Store. It has animal skulls, taxidermy, framed insects and much much more. I am both fascinated, excited and a little bit worried about how much I like it. For my first purchase, I did limit myself to only two purchases:

agate coasters. Love, love love them!

deer antlers

I am torn as whether to leave the antlers loose in my bedroom as if they might have been left there, as part of my theme or be crafty and attach them to some wood as a jewelry/scarf holder. Decisions, decisions.

One thing I do know, I see many more purchases from the Evolution Store in my future!

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