Friday, November 16, 2012

My Fashion Manifesto


A few months ago, I vowed to quit buying fashion magazines. I really hate them. I have enough people in my life telling me what to do (Hi mom! And don't get me started on my mother-in law...) I would buy a fashion magazine in the hopes of keeping up with the latest trends but you could find me an hour later, curled up in the fetal position, lamenting on why I never whipped up a feast for twelve of my friends in less than thirty minutes or why I was wasting away my fertility or why I couldn't have eyelashes like Kim Kardashian. Fashion magazines aren't about fashion; they are huge guilt trips for women. With the rise of Pinterest and fashion blogs, I figured I could get my cues from there instead. So I quit buying Cosmo and Glamour and Marie Claire and In Style. And I don't miss any of them.

At first, fashion blogs freaked me out too. I am a suburban soccer stepmom who drives a SUV and lives in a town that finally got a Kohl's last month. I doubt I will ever find myself at New York City Fashion Week. The closest I come to designer clothing is when Target rolls out a collaboration. I am not a size zero or twenty two years old or even a real blonde. Some fashion bloggers made me feel almost as guilty as magazines had.

But I started to dig deeper in to the fashion blog-o-sphere. And I started to find people who had quirky and chic styles that began to inspire me. But I never found someone like me (well... except my blogmate but I have a theory that Leather Peacock and I were separated at birth).

So here I am: a thirty four year old size 12 who shops at Marshall's and blogs with her like-minded best friend. I am true to myself, I have found new inspiration and I no longer feel guilty.

Sweater dress: Mossimo at Target
Necklace: Humanité
Tights: Target
Boots: Lane Bryant

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