Saturday, October 6, 2012

Decorating Tips Leather Peacock Style

The Fall Season always makes me feel more alive. It makes me want to redecorate, restyle and a find a good beer by a nice fire on a cold night. I've been waffling on how I want to decorate my bedroom but finally figured out where all my random purchases have been leading me. I want to have a modern but being overtaken by nature look. A not-quite-Mrs Havisham outside meets inside garden room. So far I have started incorporating small woodland creatures to the decor:

And in lieu of a jewelry armoire have used a bird cage to hold my favorite jewelry.
I put my earrings to hang on the edges:
Its useful, makes it quick to grab or change out jewelry and keeps with my room's new theme! Must go to some local thrift stores and flea markets to see what I can find to continue on! Birdcage and small table from Garden Ridge.

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  1. The bird cage is actually a pretty cute idea. I've actually wanted a really cool vintage bird cage for a while :)