Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Excursions in Hiking

One of the many advantages to Southern Helle and I's recent trip to the mountains for our spa retreat was seeing the Smoky Mountains in all of their fall splendor and doing a little hiking. We arrived while all of the fall foliage was at its peak (and just in time for wine at happy hour!). Our first morning we had well intentioned plans to go to yoga after a light breakfast (which included the most amazing granola I have ever had - Out of the Blue Granola, which also has a great story). Yeah, we didnt make yoga. Any day we were there actually. Oops! Instead of yoga we took one of the meandering trails that led right out from the spa's property. The trail was beautiful in all its morning glory and a wee bit longer than expected. Southern Helle and I definitely got a better work out than in yoga!

Doing my best Rocky impression, at what I thought was the summit of the trail.

On Sunday morning, after another morning of pampering, and with the reward of scrumptious crepes from the Cork and Bean, in our minds we decided to explore the Deep Creek trail of Great Smoky Mountains National Park. We saw some gorgeous views, a mighty creek and a waterfall. It also gave me the opportunity to break in my new hiking boots some more. Of course my hiking attire naturally consisted of jeans but at least no heels:

Taking advantage of the parks natural light and shadows

The Bryson City area had a lot of different trails to choose from and the weather was perfect to explore them without being cold or too hot. I can't wait to go back and walk some more of them!

Jacket: Target
Running Pants: Target
Hiking Boots: DSW Warehouse
Jeans: American Eagle

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