Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Girl's Weekend 2012: Mildin' Out

When I called Southern Helle in desperate need of a getaway from work and she suggested a low-key spa retreat in the mountains, I jumped at the idea. As I move up the military food chain, my work has progressively gotten more and more stressful, and a chance to truly recharge and relax was a perfect idea. Lakeview at Fontana is nestled right off the main road but far enough away to forget it all but making the next happy hour. Our girl's weekend package came with three spa services. One of the ones I chose was an all-in-one massage with Grace, their masseuse. She definitely has magic hands and with the aid of hot stones turned my tensed out body into a puddle of blissed out goo by the end of the house massage. I am already mentally planning our return trip and pondering if I can just schedule three massages. They were that good!

Bryson City is a quaint mountain town but had lots of quirky interesting shops to feed Southern Helle and I's shopping addiction. It definitely has its own personality and I quickly found several have to have items, a christmas present and the shop, Humanite. If you haven't heard of it, read Southern Helle's post about trip to see how Erin also uses her store to give back. We had arranged an after hours trip there through the spa that included wine. After hours shopping with a glass of wine in hand is the only way to go! Among the many purchases included an amazing orange militaryesque coat that I am sure will be featured in a future post and a green and yellow dress with cut outs on the back. Anyone who knows me, knows that coats and jackets are my downfall and I could almost fill a closet with my coats alone. If I had had another glass of wine I probably would have done even more damage to my credit card! But, we had more Bryson City shops to explore.

High on shopping and wine

Why hello Mr Scarecrow

Preparing to explore Bryon City shopping

Between the natural beauty of the area, the five star treatment from everyone and everything at Lakeview at Fontana, Grace's amazing massages, the savory crepes from The Cork and Bean, Humanite, mountain music and good beer from Nantahala Brewery, and the chance to escape the world for a few days with my best friend by me, this past girl's weekend was one of the best in Southern Helle and I's 15 year friendship. the only true question left is, Is it too soon to go back?

The Spa's mascot, Sylvester, or as we affectionately called him Chunk, for his never-ending appetite.

Navy Blue Turtleneck: Victoria's Secret
Dress: Francesca's Collections
Black Boots: DSW Warehouse
Jeans: The Limited
Leather Jacket: Wilson's Leather
Purse: Marshall's
3/4 Length Blazer: Target

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  1. His name was actually Fat Ass but we are trying to be family friendly.