Saturday, December 15, 2012

Christmas Decorating Southern Helle Style

So far Leather Peacock has been holding down all decor-related posts on this blog. My excuse: I have new home owner's burn out. When I first bought the house two years ago, I lived at Lowe's and Home Depot. I juggled at least five projects simultaneously. Upon collapsing in to bed exhausted each night, I would turn on HGTV only to see an awesome backsplash idea and add that to my to-do list. It was too much. But I am slowly coming back around to liking the idea of home improvement and decoration projects again. Christmas really brings it out in me.
I see beautifully coordinated trees in stores and truly love them but I believe your tree tells the story of you and your family so our ornaments are all over the map.

Leather Peacock isn't the only one with Star Wars ornaments!

Elvis lives!!! (on my tree, at least)

I have no idea what sushi has to do with Christmas. Except my husband and I love it. So that's good enough.

Another Bryson City find. There is something so beautiful about this ornament.

Our cheesy "We got married in Jamaica" ornament

This one never ceases to make me laugh. Something about Jesus whispering to little kids about his arch rival Santa Claus.

Needless to say, my stepdaughter HATES this ornament. Which makes us love it even more...

I was going for a shooting star theme for our tree topper. I have had at least five people tell me it looks like a Vegas showgirl's headdress. That works for me too!

The mantle. I love blue Christmas decor.

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