Sunday, December 30, 2012

Christmas Fashion, Peacock Style

Happy New Year my fellow fashionistas!

I'm still alive, if not a little worse for wear. I was able to go home for Christmas this year to see family for the first time in three years, for which, I am extremely grateful and one reason I have been oh so delinquent in posting. I was also the president of the committee that put on my command's annual Christmas party. I rocked out in a full length blue velvet gown, ordered at the last minute (the day before the party) from Nordstroms.

Please ignore my satan eyes, its my inner devil coming out!

I love the way it hugs my fairly generous curves, and the color really works with mine and my eyes. I am still in love with this dress and the way it made me feel in it.

The party was an amazing success, with other people from the hotel trying to crash it. I also managed this shot of one of my besties from the ship, in between songs and glasses of wine.

Though the flash didn't go off, like it was supposed to, artistically speaking, I love this pic!

I plan on rocking in the New Year in something similiar and looking equally divine. I hope everyone had a festive, fashionable, fabulous Christmas!

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