Wednesday, December 26, 2012

Storm Chasing

My husband is a Left Coaster so East Coast weather patterns fascinate him. Having not seen one in person yet, tornadoes are his particular passion. This has led to him becoming something of a storm chaser. Today, a band of storms came up the coast, sending large water spouts inland that turned in to a few actual tornadoes in nearby towns. Instead of taking cover, my husband took to the road and headed 15 miles South-East to Topsail Beach in the hopes of seeing this for himself.

Even worse: I joined him! I blame a bad case of Christmas cabin fever. I needed to get out of the damn house.

Wind and rain were heavy upon our arrival but (much to his chagrin) the worst had already passed. The better half of our time spent on the island was under sunny skies.

Whether sunshine or storms, I love being at the beach. Not being a particularly religious or spiritual person, I still love the feeling of seeing something so grand and powerful, thus making my own problems feel so insignificant in comparison. That first sprint out to the waves breaking on the sand is a timeless ritual. I did it when I was a small child and continue to do it to this day.

Poncho: gifted by my mother
Puffer vest: Eddie Bauer Outlet
Beanie: Target
Sweater: Gap
Leggings: American Eagle
Boot socks: Target
Rain boots: Target

Eat your heart out, Jim Cantore!

The wind was holding me up in this position

Boots covered in sea foam. This is as close to a White Christmas and playing in snow as we get in Coastal Carolina.

Question: Why do I let him talk me in to such things?
Answer: Because he is so cute! *duh*
Sun starting to break through the clouds

Much calmer on the Intercoastal side of the island

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