Sunday, December 30, 2012

My New Years Resolutions, Fashion and Otherwise

I have made the point the past few years to not make New Years Resolutions. I generally believe that if you want to change something, about yourself, your actions or how you impact the world, you should do everything you can to make that change, no matter what day it says on the calendar. This year however, I realized that are several major things about myself I want to better or change and that this start of a new year is a perfect way to start it:

1: Appreciate my family more. While I was home, I got to spend a lot of time with family I dont get to see that often. While laughing, talking, and looking in my cousins eyes, I couldn't help but see myself. Through the laugh lines, I could see my past and how important these relationships truly are. I don't want to lose our history, my history and how much peace and joy each conversation brings. Whether its talking WWII with my grandpa or playing Kings Court with my brother and sister (in law), I vow to appreciate you all more.

2: Appreciate my friends more: I think I have a tendency to not appreciate those closest to me and I am blessed with some amazing friends. Number one on my list being Southern Helle. In 2013, no matter where the Navy takes me, I vow to appreciate them more and be there for them in whatever way I can.

3: Save more money while Rocking Out Like the Fashionista I want to Be: I am still not sure how its going to work but I would like to save more money while also taking more advantage of my wardrobe (outside of uniforms) and rock out whenever I get the chance, no matter the occasion.

4: Update the blog more! In conjunction with wearing and rocking out my wardrobe more, I vow to update the blog more and be a better blogger and bloggermate.

5: Drink more wine. I think this is the easiest to do.

Happy New Year everyone. May 2013 be filled with friends, family, fashion and lots of Duplin Wine!

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