Tuesday, September 4, 2012

Autumnal Mood in Ninety Degree Heat

Who knew fashion blogging required such endurance and skill?

My first obstacle was debating whether or not to go in to full fledged Fall mode while the thermometer was still hovering around 90 degrees. Living in Coastal NC, I probably won't see cooler weather for at least another month and a half. Unfortunately, I have Only Child Syndrome and I want what I want RIGHT NOW!!!! Plus I got a really cool scarf for my birthday last week that I have been dying to wear...

I settled on an autumnal palette and paired my new scarf with a dolman sleeve tee and shorts. That should keep me cool, right? Bad call. I was sweating before I even hit the front door. Even the car's A/C cranked full blast couldn't save me. But I am getting ahead of myself... back to my string of bad decisions.

After getting dressed, I remembered "oh yeah... I am a fledgling fashion blogger nowadays. I should snap a few pictures on my way out the door". Easy enough, no?

An hour later, after being forced to make the bed and hide piles of clothes from view, posing in every single room in my house (note to self: must get better light bulbs), pulling a muscle from trying various poses all while keeping my stomach sucked in and a few temper tantrums involving me throwing my phone on the ground due to frustration with its camera settings (stupid thing! Grrrr....), I had this to show for:

Dolman tee from Alloy (find it here)
Shorts from NY & Company (old)
Scarf is Mossimo from Target (find it here)
Open toe flats are Merona from Target (old)
Skull bracelets from Claire's (find it here)
Saints bracelet from Forever 21 (old)
Leather wrap bracelet from Alloy (old)

Side note: better lighting and a new camera now top my shopping list. Hang in there... I should be getting better at this. Maybe one day we may be able to laugh over drinks about it.


  1. I think it's a perfect transitional outfit!

  2. Gracias! Never thought I would see the day where I would crave cooler weather but this heat has sapped me.