Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Shop Till You Drink, Part Dos...Equis

Southern Helle and I do spend a good deal of time together shopping and/or drinking. I tend to be very black and white with my opinions about things and need someone to make me take another look at things. My outfit for the pre-stomp shopping trip and the stomp itelf:

About as casual as I get

My peacock bracelet from Modcloth

For the stomp itself, I changed to flats (mark this date in your diary) due to all of the uneven ground and wine imbibing.

At Target I did snag a dress from the new line. I initially didn't like it but took another look at it thanks to Southern Helle and actually really liked it with my hair down.

I can't wait to try it out with my black boots and black leather jacket!

I also grabbed a blazer. I may have to go back and get the teal one as well. I am going to try to put together a look for this with a t shirt, shorts, and high heels.

thank you Southern Helle for an awesome visit. Can't wait to wreak havoc with you (or just wreak havoc on our credit cards) again!

Misc: gray shirt: Victoria's Secret
navy blue shorts: American Eagle
bracelet: Modcloth
sunglasses: Franchesca's Collection
wedges: Jessica Simpson, Dillards.

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