Thursday, September 6, 2012

My Dirty Little (Shopping) Secret

I shop at Rugged Wearhouse. There... I said it! Don't know what that is? Check out their website here but for those not blessed with a Rugged Warehouse let's just say it is like a very unorganized Ross or Marshall's with way cheaper prices. Ours is in a bad part of town. And then there is that name itself. Upon pulling up in the parking lot, I thought it sounded like somewhere my husband would buy his Realtree camo pants or blaze orange hats for hunting. But if you can get past all of that and are willing to dig through the clutter, the place is actually a gem. They carry Ann Taylor, Express, NY & Company, Fossil, Dollhouse and Anthropologie (although the rack with those is mislabeled Anthropology... smirk!) for rock bottom prices.

Today's outfit is an ode to Rugged Wearhouse. I got the pants there (NY & Company) for $12. The shoes are Twisted brand and they set me back a whopping $6.

Top is from NY & Company and can be found here.

Other recent Rugged Wearhouse finds:

Hobo bag by Dollhouse for $12.99

Black and grey striped tunic sweater $7.99

Bag $12.99

Gauzy beach coverup for $9.99 (just in time for next month's trip to Jamaica!)

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