Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Showing My Plumage

Lately. I have been spending my weekends caravan-ting between North Carolina, Virginia, and the greater metropolitan Louisville area. I had been dying to give my new peacock feather dress from the Esty shop Sealmaiden a whirl. I've given it two goes in the past two weeks with slight variations and so far am loving it!

First I tried it while out to dinner with friends:
Three quarter pleather jacket, Target
teal tights, Target

with these boots from Aldo (see Southern Helle, I own foreskin boots!).

While on a very quick trip home I tried the dress with my go-to leather jacket from Wilson's Leather, gray tights from Target and boots from Payless:

Unfortunately, my mom's cat Gibbs decided he wanted to be in every picture.

Without the jacket:

Doing my best Zoolander pose.

Not sure which style I like better, but I definitely love the dress!


  1. Foreskin boots! *snort* I still can't get over that one.

  2. And I dig the teal tights combo (even if there are foreskin boots involved in the look)