Tuesday, September 11, 2012

I Exist (and survived the Tarheel)

As Southern Helle previously mentioned, I recently visited the quaint little Marine macho hamlet of Jacksonville, NC. My first stop? The Tarheel (I first typed Tarhell, i am not sure which is more appropriate) my introduction into country bars. I knew going in that it was a country bar but my stubborn hipster self refused to dress the part of the local species:
Yeah, you could say, I stood out. Not exactly the attire of choice for personas countrias Jacksonvillus.
Headwrap from Three Bird Shop on Etsy. Earrings from Target.
My newly reshod Candies from Kohl's. One of my most favorite, and smallest heels.

Misc: Tanks: Target
Jeans: London Jeans @Victoria's Secret

Yeah, I may not have fit in but I had a great time. Southern Helle is great at getting me out of my comfort zone and showing me a great time. And he may have been in junior high when I joined the Navy, but Mr 21 showed me I still got it.

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