Monday, September 10, 2012

When In Rome...

My town offers little in the way of excitement. It is a tiny little town on the NC coast whose only real claim to fame is its proximity to two large Marine Corps bases. For a while, I blogged about it anonymously (read it here) but you can only skewer at town's idiosyncrasies for so long. Then I turned to half-ass fashion blogging.

When Leather Peacock agreed to come down for a local winery's annual harvest grape stomp, I decided to tack on some local culture and really show her Jacksonville, NC. In this town, that includes a trip to the infamous Tarheel Opry House, a shit-kicking country and western bar known for an interesting dance interpretation of Nitty Gritty Dirt Band's song "Fishin' In the Dark". I won't say it is NSFW but please keep small children away if you watch it otherwise you will be paying for therapy one day. Leather Peacock is way more hipster than I am and usually chooses to stay away from such establishments. Never underestimate my powers of persuasion. She treated the whole outing as if she was an anthropologist studying a strange species... until a cute 21 year old Marine offered to buy her a shot... but that is her story to tell, not mine!

T shirt: some tourist shop on Broadway in Nashville, TN. How pretentiously authentic of me...
Earrings and Bracelets: Forever 21
Jeans: American Eagle. They are called Artist Jeans and can still be found here.
Boots: made by Laredo. Zappos carries them here but I think I picked mine up at DSW years ago.

My attempt at rockabilly
Pinup girl pose?
I originally attempted a fishtail braid but had already had too much wine. Hope this ended up more rockabilly and less Snookie a la Jersey Shore.

The ubiquitous boots

Leather Peacock on the right. See... she really does exist! Now if only I could get her to write a blog post...

Double trouble!

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