Sunday, September 23, 2012

Happy Camper

I have filled my Cool Girl quota for the year by actually agreeing to go camping with my husband this weekend. Camping usually isn't my cup of tea (or, in my case, glass of wine). It reminds me too much of being back in the Army and going out for training exercises, aka "going to the field". I hate bugs and I hate getting dirty and I hate having to hike to the bathroom and I hate it even more when there is no bathroom to hike to.

Of course, opposites attract and Mr. Southern Helle loves all things involving the great outdoors. He would go all Mountain Man and drop off the grid if I would let him. Turns out he actually makes camping pretty fun. Translation: he did all the dirty work. I have decided to keep him around in case the Apocolypse ever really does take place. Especially if he makes me his awesome "Hobo Dinner". See recipe and pictures below. I have never eaten so well on a camping trip in my life.

Camping isn't exactly the stomping ground for high fashion so my outfits are aimed more towards function and practicality. I did try to have fun with my T-shirt choices at least. Even though it looks like I was shooting for a trend with my high sock bun, I honestly didn't feel like dealing with my rat's nest mane and opted to just pile it on my head and forget about it.

Day 1 outfit
T Shirt: Etsy shop Bodhicitta
(Not from NC? This Etsy shop is dedicated to all things NC so you may have to search elsewhere. And sorry about your luck. It really is the best state in the Union!)
Flannel: Arizona Jean at JCPenney
Shorts: Forever 21
Shoes: Sperry Top-Siders

The intercoastal waterway. The beaches are one of the reasons I love this state (as seen in my newest favorite T-shirt)

Wasn't me!

You may have to search to find him through all that camoflague but I swear Mr. Southern Helle is in this picture.
Also, I promise that I am not wearing socks with these shoes. My right ankle is wrapped due to a graceful tumble I took a few nights earlier.

Beautiful sunset

Day 2 outfit
T Shirt: Busted Tees
Sweatpants: American Eagle

As seen in my T-shirt choice, I was a little over camping at this point.

And now for the famous "Hobo Dinner" recipe/tutorial:

Chop up chicken, shrimp, veggies (we had mushrooms, onions, peppers and zuchini)

Place above items on foil. Throw in some minced garlic, salt, pepper and a few pats of butter. Accidentally spill your Moscato on it then decide to add some on purpose. The French have been doing it for years so why not you too?

Fold long ends and roll up short ends. It should look like a shiny burrito. Throw it on hot coals for about 40 minutes. All there is left to do now is eat it. This beats the ubiquitous campfire hot dogs anyday. In fact, the smell drew in our hot dog eating neighbors who were very, very jealous. I didn't share a single bite with them either.

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